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  • HDMI Multiviewer 4X1 Quad Multi-Viewer Splitter

    HDMI 4x1 Quad Multi-viewer is a high performance with four HD screen segmentation and seamless switching output switch. It can display 4HD digital video signal on the same screen, and has a variety of video segmentation, seamless switching 4 HD input signal synchronously.
    Read more >> 2018-03-21
  • HDMI Bi-Direction Switch 1x2

    1 HDMI input to 2 HDMI outputs
    2 HDMI inputs to 1 HDMI output
    Read more >> 2017-09-20
  • Hdmi Switch 8x1

    H18 supports to switch one VGA source, Two Analog Component Video sourceS, Two Analog Composite Video sources and Three HDMI sources for input. All of above with independent analog audio input. The analog audio from the input is digitized and outputted to the HDMI connection. HDMI input supports HDMI1.3b and HDMI1.4 3D.

    On the Analog Component Video and Analog Composite Video channels, If the resolution of the input signal is 480i or 576i, MS0801-E02 will deinterlace the resolution to 480p or 576p respectively.

    H18 has the ability of equalization and amplification to ensure HDMI signal’s transmission through long cable without quality loss.
    Read more >> 2017-09-05
  • 4X1 HDMI Switcher with CVBS Output

    This is a high performance HDMI Switcher with four HDMI inputs & one output HDMI Switcher, the HDMI Switcher provides CVBS and L/R output.
    Read more >> 2017-09-05
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